The educator workshop You’ve been waiting for!

The Chicago Invent to Learn Institute is over. Join us for Constructing Modern Knowledge 2023 in Manchester, New Hampshire, July 11-14, 2023. Visit the Constructing Modern Knowledge website for more information.

Safe, Sophisticated, Summer Learning

Together at last!

The past year has been especially rough on educators who need and deserve an opportunity to delight in the joy of learning. The Invent To Learn Chicago Institute will inspire educators to create the sorts of modern learning adventures we want them to create for students when they return back-to-school.


Small class sizes provide the space, support, and access to expertise required to develop new skills, confidence, and collegial relationships. Space is limited! Register today!


The Ancona School was open for in-person instruction the entire 2020-21 school year. All participants and faculty will be vaccinated and all CDC regulations will be followed.

Zoom needs a vacation

It is time to learn together in the same space at the same time.

Enjoy two project-based classes with a yummy lunch in between for four days.

Hard fun

Participating educators are promised a challenging and rewarding environment in which they will use cutting edge tools and materials to learn and express themselves in the ways they dream of for their own students.

PBL in action

Participants won’t just develop their computing fluency or learn to make things unimaginable a few years ago. They will learn to teach in a project-based fashion by engaging in the construction of personally meaningful projects.

World-class faculty

The institute is led by the authors of the best-selling book, Invent To Learn – Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, and joined by an expert faculty of technology legends and outstanding classroom practitioners.

Four Days, Two workshops…
Your choice!

Quality work takes time and participants will wish to partake in multiple themes over the institute’s four days. That’s why you will be able to select two studios to work in across the four days. Each of these daily studios will be three hours long.

Whichever studio you choose will help you develop science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and creative problem solving skills regardless of your projects or areas of interest. Those personal experiences form the basis for exciting classroom practices.

Don’t worry about FOMO. There will be lots of overlap in the hardware, software, and concepts explored. You will just be working in your favorite domains. Limited space in each studio will be assigned on a first-come-first-served-basis. So register as soon as possible.

Learn With Legends

Our faculty are widely considered the most accomplished experts on classroom learning-by-making. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to apprentice with our fabulous faculty this August!

Dr. Cynthia Solomon is one of the co-inventors of the first programming languages for kids, Logo, and is considered “the mother of educational technology.”

For decades, Dr. David Thornburg has been one of the most popular, influential, and prolific thinkers in education.

Sylvia Martinez and Dr. Gary Stager founded Constructing Modern Knowledge and are co-authors of Invent To Learn, considered the bible of the maker movement in schools.

First midwest Invent To learn workshop in years

The 2021 Invent To Learn Institute – Chicago is hosted by The Ancona School in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

Participants traveling from outside of Chicagoland, may enjoy all of the sights, sounds, restaurants, sports, and cultural institutions the “Second City” has to offer.