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Tracy Rudzitis’ 2021 studio slide deck

Invent To Learn Quickstart Guides

Essential Reading for Institute Participants

Invent To Learn Web Sites

The Daily Papert (archives of Papert writing and media)

The Invent To Learn website (oodles of resources)

Constructing Modern Knowledge Press (publisher of books by creative educators for creative educators)

Other Resources

micro:bit getting started

micro:bit software options

Other stuff to buy (for our workshops & beyond)

More micro:bit resources

A New Block-based Programming Environment (Alpha version – try it out!)

The Circuit Playground Express

Micro:bit and micro:bit add-on board suppliers and vendors

  • Sparkfun Electronics – Specializes in hobbyist electronic components, tools, and kits. Sparkfun micro:bit boards and add-ons. Ask for educator discounts.
  • Adafruit – Unique and Fun DIY Electronics and Kits. Check the Young Engineers section for selections that are whimsical and fun. Ask for educator discounts.
  • Robotshop – All your robot needs in one place. Robots for home, school, and professional use, plus drones, wearable technology, kits, toys, parts, and apps.
  • PiMoroni – “Tech Treasures” abound from this UK based vendor for Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, and other microcontrollers, plus kits, accessories, and tools. The name? It stands for Pirate-Monkey-Robot-Ninja, of course.
  • Kitronik – Makes and sells electronic project kits for micro:bit, e-textiles, robotics, and other maker needs. UK-based.
  • (Australia) Education Technology Specialists. Micro:bits, add-on boards, and related products.

Hummingbird Bit Robotics

Software for Hummingbird Bit

Download the Bluebird Connector

Hummingbird project ideas

Tutorials for using multiple Hummingbird Bits or micro:bits with a Hummingbird Bit, including cool ideas for a rover and calibrating the compass.

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