K-8 Math Masterclass with Gary Stager


Invent To Learn Quickstart Guides

Other Resources

Turtle Art materials


New Handouts, Prompts, and Project-starters by Gary Stager

Free classic Turtle Geometry e-Books

Barry Newell’s books, Turtle Confusion and Turtle Speaks Mathematics

Essential Reading for Institute Participants

Invent To Learn Web Sites

The Daily Papert (archives of Papert writing and media)

The Invent To Learn website (oodles of resources)

Constructing Modern Knowledge Press (publisher of books by creative educators for creative educators)

Gary Stager’s blog, Stager-to-Go

Constance Kamii Math Resources

Constance Kamii math videos (multiple videos)
Constance Kamii Direct vs Indirect Ways of Teaching Number Concepts at Ages 4-6
A comprehensive lecture explaining Piagetian ideas showing that although number concepts cannot be taught directly, they can be taught indirectly by encouraging children to think.

Kamii Games for Developing Number Sense

Logo activities

These activities designed for MicroWorlds EX should be applicable to other programming environments, like Turtle Art, ScratchSnap!, and especially Lynx. If you translate any of these activities for other languages, please let me know!

Software Manuals & reference materials



Snap! MOOCS and Online Courses

Wolfram Resources

Resources related to Conrad and Stephen Wolfram’s work on math, computation, and programming

Articles about Teaching Programming

Books and magazines for programming project ideas

Basic Computer Games books (pdf form) – great ideas for beginner programming projects.

Programming Slides

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reasons to program
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